175 ml
70 mm
66 mm
80 mm

Serve your beverages in a sustainable and convenient packaging with 6 oz paper cups. Make an impressive presentation with Accas' high-quality and eco-friendly single-layer paper cup options.

6 oz Vendng Paper Cup
175 ml
70 ml
66 ml
49 ml
80 ml

Designed for vending machines, the 6 oz paper cups are ideal for any kind of beverages.

 The 6 oz paper vending cups are high quality food grade paper cups. They can be used effortlessly in any circumstances. They are compatible for all vending machines.

Our high-class paper cups are among the favorite products of businesses having vending machines. Being durable and not being easily damaged during transportation, storing and use, makes them even more attractive. Our vending paper cups are easily separated from each other with quality coating. This feature enables it not to get stuck in and strain your machine. 

We prepare 7 oz vending paper cups with different designs according to your wish. Just imagine and let us know the design that suits your brand. Your coffee shops, restaurants and cafes will be decorated with modern designs and it will create unforgettable memories for your customers. You can also use it for both hot and cold drinks. 

Except for use in vending machines, the vending paper cups for hot drinks can also be used manually, with a temperature resistance up to 120 degrees which allows you to serve your coffee as you wish.Our eco-friendly cups are manufactured with 100% recyclable materials.

6 oz Vending Paper Cups Product Specifications  

• The 6 oz vending paper cups (175 ml / 6 oz) are compatible with all beverage vending machines.

• These disposable hot drink paper cups are safe for food contact. Certified for healthy and safe use. 

• Upon your request for the printed paper cups, in the printing, water-based paint is used. All of our cups are made from healthy, certified and reliable paper.

• 7 foz vending paper cups have paper weights ranging from 205 gsm to 253 gsm and product weights in the range of 4.10 - 5.20 g It can carry approximately 175 ml of liquid as full.

 Product Spekt    

Article Number     25.05.2203  
Description Paper Cups 6 oz / 175 ml     
Volume (cl) 17,5 
Material Weight Range 185 - 235
PE Weight 18
Weight range per product (g) 4,10 - 5,20  
Height  (mm) 80 
Top Diameter (Outer)  (mm)        70
Top Diameter (Inner)  (mm)    66
Bottom Diameter  (mm) 49
Material Description PAPER: Kartong med PE 

Packet Spekt

Quantity in Sleeve 100
Sleece Quantity in Box 30
Pakaking Film HDPE Foil
Film Height (mm) 760
Film Depth (mm) 133
Film Clour Transparent
Made of paper  One-time cup   Approved for food contact    Approved ForFatty Foods