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In the food packaging industry; being a leading, respected, and strong brand that adopts sustainable principles with its professional, trained and talented team, that cares about the values related to human health and the environment, that closely follows the latest technologies and meets the requirements of the sector with high standard production tools. .

In line with the needs, requirements, and demands of the industry, to be a manufacturer that closely follows innovative developments with its R&D that improves itself day by day and adds value to the sector at home and abroad by considering international standards in food packaging production.

Our values are the most important, stable and unique aspects of our corporate culture. They are the most basic aspects of all our activities, working culture, production approaches and existence principle.

Honesty is our most important value, which forms the basis of all our activities.

Respect is one of our most important priorities in all our components, collaborations, the society we are in and the relationship we establish with our customers.

We believe in fair competition and see the principle of equality as a part of our corporate working culture.

Innovation and contemporary are among the most important values that we identify with ourselves.

We provide high quality of all products, raw materials and production tools we use during the production process.

We believe that global and local collaborations are of vital importance in corporate development, and in this direction, we are expanding our cooperation network day by day by adopting the ethical principles.

Tolerance, the most important part of our culture and society, is one of the most essential values that our company cares about.

We build the entire relationship we establish with all our important and valuable components, collaborations and customers on the basis of trust.

About Us

Accas: To Make Each Moment Greater

When it comes to marketing, a cup of beverages is never just "a cup of beverages". Sometimes the smallest details can turn into unforgettable moments. We, as the Accas family, work to offer you unforgettable moments, your brand and your customers. We do not only produce durable and high quality paper cups, we also help you create extraordinary memories.

The decision process from the type of material used to manufacture a paper cup can make a big difference in customers' perception of your business, your understanding of ethical and sustainable service, and your gross profit. Accas guarantees its product quality, production capacity and professionalism.

Our company, together with years of experience in safe and bright packaging service, makes the most special and original choices for your brand and offers you unique designs.
We create customized designs up to 4 different colors on paper cups and print with the flexoprint technique. We maintain our activities with a holistic approach, not only with our quality understanding in production, but also with our sensitivity to the ecosystem, our fast and easy delivery system, and our great customer support services.

ACCAS is a professional production company that grows by developing itself in line with innovative goals day by day with its position in the disposable food packaging industry. In our journey that we started in the beginning of 2017 in a production facility of 500 square meters with a monthly production capacity of 40 tons, we are happy to reach a production capacity of 600 tons per month, with the move to a new production facility of 10,000 square meters in 2021.  
In light of innovative approaches and technological developments, we expand our product range daily and produce precise solutions for industrial demands in our 10.000 m2 production facility. We have a mechanical production network that can respond to all disposable food packaging demands; especially paper cups, paper salad bowls, paper straws and food containers. 
As ACCAS, our priority in the production activities we carry out in European standards is to maintain sustainable, universal and ethical principles. In this direction, we adopt environmentalist approaches in our production activities and share with you the sensitivities that everyone agrees regarding protecting nature.  
In the production process we manage interactively, we act in line with the expectations, demands and feedback of our customers and develop innovative solutions. 
At ACCAS, we care about transparency and trust at every stage of the production process. Thus, we share the entire process with our customers, from the production process to raw material supply and other processes of production and present the production stages that we carry out in the light of transparency and sustainable principles. 
Our machine park, which we are expanding day by day, enables us to follow the latest technologies closely and also inspires us to develop our innovative approaches. Our fully automatic high-speed machines, which provide high technology, enable us to meet all kinds of food packaging demands in the fastest, most effective and efficient way. 
Along with our experiences from our deep-rooted previous works, we identify the needs of the food packaging industry in all details and with the strong support of our expert team, we continue our journey with our innovative goals professionally. Eventually, we have the ability to maintain the production process optimally with fully automatic machine integration. 
As ACCAS, our main goal is to expand our service area and production capacity day by day by adopting sustainable and ethical principles. Having this aim, we have reached a monthly production capacity of 400 tons in our 10.000 m2 production and storage facility. We plan to increase our production capacity to 1,500 tons on a monthly basis with our targets day by day, which will lead us to become one of the most important production centers in Europe in the sector. 
Another of our goals is to achieve optimum efficiency in all the products we produce. We respond to all kinds of demands in the fastest way with our efficient production network by developing disposable food packages that are easy to use, enrich life and give importance to human health and the environment. 
We work towards solutions according to the industry and demands and respond to the needs of our customers through technology. 


An Eco-Friendly Approach

The main aim of ethical and sustainable service is to consider how people should live, taking into account their connections with other people, the natural world and future generations. As the world becomes more sensitive to sustainability, different production materials such as degradable, biodegradable, compostable and recyclable have become more clear.

As Accas, we are quite sensitive regarding the wish to be an “eco-friendly” manufacturer and we produce with materials that cause the least harm to the environment. 

Fastest Deliver Times

We know that you want your products to be delivered as quickly as possible and in perfect condition. We invest in our delivery services to meet your demands and provide the fastest and most reliable shipping service in the industry.

We also use a warehouse and automated conveyor system that works both efficiently and effectively to ensure your order is delivered as quickly as possible.

Effective Customer Support

Our friendly, Customer Solutions Experts with a wide knowledge are here to help you! Regardless of the channel you contact us, you will always be in contact with a real person whose priority is to assist you. You can contact us at any time to find a quick and simple solution to any of your business needs.

Sustainability Principle

Accas is a company that creates value for people and the environment. This value benefits our customers, consumers, employees, shareholders, ultimately society and the environment.
Our excellence in sustainability plays a major role in the success of our company. And we are raising the level with new sustainability goals. We display an exemplary attitude in order to make the life of nature and humanity permanent, while realizing production and growth. We have a high passion for meeting the needs of our customers at every stage of our work, without compromising the needs of future generations.

This is our approach to sustainability and we call it the “Accas sustainability principle”.




Accas is a brand that offers you premium packaging products such as paper cups, paper cup lids, paper cup sleeves.

Our goal is for you to use these elements as an effective marketing tool while presenting your products.
We do this in 2 basic ways:
1- To produce quality items using high technology materials.
2- To develop original designs that reflect your difference.
With our special design solutions, we help you present these elements specifically for your brand, get a niche look and convey your brand message to your target audience in a quality way.

We meet all your requirements in this field with our product range. Paper cups and containers, as well as lids, stirrers, sleeves, etc. We continue our activities with a well-equipped infrastructure to meet all your demands.
We make the design, production and delivery processes as easy as possible for you and complete them as soon as possible. We deliver products with a strong logistics service.

What Does Accas Offer You?


Reflect your brand in every detail, with unique designs.

Your customers can safely and easily consume their drinks while on the go! Relieve them from annoying problems like spills and leaks.

With Accas cold and hot beverage paper cups, your customers and guests will be able to consume their drinks easily wherever they want. Thanks to its special material, your cardboard cups will be resistant to extremely hot or extremely cold drinks.

Coffee, tea, ice cream, yoghurt, fruits, student meals, soup, pudding… Any food and beverage you want to present to your customers or visitors in a paper cup.

With our printed paper and cardboard cups, you give your guests not only delicious tastes but also your advertising message. You can design our paper cups specifically for your business.

With our special design solutions, we help you present these elements specifically for your brand, get a niche look and convey your brand message to your target audience in a quality way.

We meet all your requirements in this field with our product range. Paper cups and containers, as well as lids, stirrers, sleeves, etc. We continue our activities with a well-equipped infrastructure to meet all your demands.

Why choose the Accas Cup?
some critical details to shed light on


For our customers who want to benefit from cost savings through bulk ordering but do not have the capacity to store their orders in-house, we offer logistics services that save both money and space


In order for you to always stand out, we offer you free consultancy service and advice on the most accurate print quality and preferences. Just send us your logo or special edition and our team will prepare a mock-up for you and submit it for your approval.


As Accas, we offer you a comprehensive selection of the most popular sizes on the market, as well as special orders for your needs and demands.


Have a look at our full-scale design services. Whether you need a new product design from scratch or are looking for a complementary product to your existing brand style, our dedicated design management team will find a “special for you” solution that perfectly meets your needs.