Serve your beverages in an eco-friendly and compact packaging with 4 oz paper cups. Provide a perfect experience with Accas' high-quality and sustainable single-layer paper cup options.

4 oz Paper Cup
120 ml
62 ml
59 ml
45 ml
62 ml
Hot Drink Cold Drink

Being the perfect option for cafes with supermarkets, coffee shops, fairs, exhibitions and such events, the espresso 4 oz paper cups will be a satisfying option for you and your guests. They are ideal for restaurants and coffee shops with a takeaway ability along with the 4 oz paper cup.

You can order the 4 oz paper cups as simple (plain & undesigned) or special edition. You may have your company logo, brand message or a special design on it. High quality printing can be done up to 4 different colors. In the printing, water-based ink is used. Additionally, alcohol or solvent-based paints that carry risks in food contact are not included in it. The paper cups are eco-friendly and 100% recyclable.

Accas, providing services with a wide and rich production chain, obtains the papers used in production from internationally reliable manufacturers named Metsa Board and Store Enso. 

The papers we obtain from these companies have FSC™ (Forest Stewardship Council) certificates. It is also safe in terms of food security and eco-friendly. In this sense, we produce paper cups that can be used safely in terms of both individual and public health. 

4 oz Paper Cups Product Specifications 

• The 4 oz paper cups for hot drinks (120 ml / 4 oz) could be safely used for the serving of all kinds of teas, coffees, and any hot drink. 

• 4 oz paper cups for cold beverages could be used for serving of all kinds of cold beverages varying from fruit juices to cold soft drinks and iced coffees.

• These disposable hot and cold beverage cups are approved and safe for food contact.

• Water-based paint is used for hot and cold beverage printed paper cups and is safe for food contact. It is produced from responsibly sourced and certified paper.

• 4 oz paper cups have paper weights ranging from 180 gsm to 210 gsm and product weights in the range of 2.75 – 3.10 g It can carry approximately 120 ml of liquid as full.

 Product Spekt    

Article Number             25.05.2201    
Description Paper Cups  4oz / 120 ml    
Volume (cl) 12    
Material Weight Range 160 - 210
PE Weight 18
Weight range per product (g) 2,75 - 3,25
Height  (mm) 62    
Top Diameter (Outer)  (mm)    62
Top Diameter (Inner)  (mm) 59
Bottom Diameter  (mm) 45
Material Description PAPER: Kartong med PE  

Packet Spekt

Quantity in Sleeve 100
Sleece Quantity in Box 30
Pakaking Film HDPE Foil
Film Height (mm) 635
Film Depth (mm) 115
Film Clour Transparent