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Serve your beverages in a sustainable and stylish packaging with 12 oz paper cups. Deliver a great beverage experience with Accas' high-quality and eco-friendly single-layer paper cup options.

12 oz Paper Cup
355 ml
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74 ml
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116 ml

12 oz paper cupscan be safely used to serveall kinds of hot and cold drinksand fruit juices. The plain white 12 oz paper cups offer a great look in a cafe, restaurant or offices with their simple design. Custom print up to 4 colors, reflecting your business’ motto and acquires a unique stance.

Accas provides you durable and lightweight and functional paper cups. Accas 12 oz paper cups for  hot drinks are going to be the soul of your brand!  It is a great way to present the delicious hot drinks for your customers or beloved ones in all kinds of different sales and events. Moreover, special designs will make your presentations even more attractive and flashy. Being made of heat-resistant materials, Accas hot drink paper cups are drip-proof.

12 oz paper cups we produce with food grade double-sided coated paper as a barrier against moisture for cold drinks, water, iced teas and fruit juices is a unique service tool.Moreover, the unique aesthetic designs that adorn the perimeter of the cup enhance the appealing of cold beverage paper cups while the walls of the cup remain stronger with the superior moisture resistance it provides.

12 oz cold beverage paper cups with double sided PE coated inside and outside to provide maximum protection against leaks, will make you feel safe. The inner coating of our cups keeps liquids inside, while the outer layer protects the paper from accumulation of condensation, which can weaken the paper and cause leaks.

All of our paper cups are eco-friendly and 100% recyclable.

12 oz Paper Cups Product Specifications 

• 12 oz hot drink paper cups (355 ml /12 oz) can be safely used for serving all kinds of tea and coffee varieties and other hot drinks. 

• 12 oz cold beverage paper cups can be used for all kinds of cold drinks, from juices to cold soft drinks and iced coffees.

• These disposable hot and cold beverage paper cups are safe for food contact.

• Water-based paint is used for hot and cold drink printed paper cups and it is healthy. All of our cups are made from healthy, certified and reliable paper.

• 12 oz paper cups have paper weights ranging from 253 gsm to 310 gsm and product weight in the range of 7.00 — 9.00 g It can carry approximately 355 ml of liquid as full.

 Product Spekt    

Article Number            25.05.2205        
Description Paper Cups 12 oz / 355 ml    
Volume (cl) 35,5        
Material Weight Range 213 - 310     
PE Weight 18
Weight range per product (g) 6,00 - 7,50    
Height  (mm) 116        
Top Diameter (Outer)  (mm)       80
Top Diameter (Inner)  (mm) 74
Bottom Diameter  (mm) 50
Material Description     PAPER: Kartong med PE 

Packet Spekt

Quantity in Sleeve 50
Sleece Quantity in Box 40
Pakaking Film HDPE Foil
Film Height (mm) 510
Film Depth (mm) 154
Film Clour Transparent