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Serve your salads in a sustainable and spacious packaging with 1100 cc paper salad bowls. Delight your customers with AccasCup's high-quality and eco-friendly food packaging options.

32 oz / 1100 cc
1100 ml
187 ml
178 ml
165 ml
55 ml

1100cc paper salad bowls are disposable 100% recyclable products made from safe materials and used in restaurants, cafes, noodle bars, etc. Paper salad bowls, which can be personalized according to customer demands, can be turned into advertising tools for businesses by using different. It can be used in the presentation of cold foods as well as hot foods.

 Product Spekt    

Article Number                25.05.2211
Description Salad Bowl 32oz / 1100 ml
Volume (cl) 110
Material Weight Range 260 - 310
PE Weight 18
Weight range per product (g) 19,50 -21,00
Height  (mm) 54
Top Diameter (Outer)  (mm) 187
Top Diameter (Inner)  (mm) 178
Bottom Diameter  (mm) 165
Material Description  PAPER: Kartong med PE