Why Us

ACCASCUP offers first class packaging products such as cardboard cups, lids, cups, cup holders in various sizes ranging from 4 oz to 16 oz in standard and special printed hot and cold cupboard products. Designed with quality paper, these cups provide a high degree of insulation against extremely hot or cold liquids.
Cardboard cups like coffee cup accessories, mixer, cup holder, napkin etc .; all your requirements are fulfilled by ACCASCUP. It makes all design, production and delivery processes easier and completes as soon as possible.
Wherever you are in Turkey, we can provide you with the best logistic services. Our team will also be in constant contact with you during the shipment process and after delivery.
Our innovative and well-experienced professional team works closely with customers to meet their needs and to ensure that they meet the expectations of end products and to help them achieve the best value in return.


We offer logistics services that allow customers to save money and place for our customers who want to take advantage of cost savings through bulk order but do not have the capacity to store their orders in-house.


We always offer high-quality printing and advice so you can always get ahead. It is enough to send your logon or custom design and our team will prepare a mock-up for approval.


As the Accas Cup, we produce the most popular sizes on the market and offer comprehensive options for custom ordering to further meet our customers' needs.


We offer full-scale design services to our customers. Whether you need a complete new product design, or a complementary product to your existing brand style, our custom design management team will find a solution that perfectly fulfills your needs.