Who Are We


ACCASCUP offers you hot selling single wall cups, double wall cups and so on. including first-class packaging products such as cups, lids, cup handles, cup holders. Our service and expertise is our primary domain, tailor-made solutions that we offer to customers to act as an effective marketing tool and assist in personalization to create a niche for businesses.

Your glasses are produced with the best quality materials. You can buy paper cups for the appropriate price.

Covers such as coffee cup accessories, mixer, cup holder, napkin, etc .; all your requirements are fulfilled by ACCASCUP.

We make all design, production and delivery processes easier and complete as soon as possible. Wherever you are in Turkey, we can provide you with the best logistic services.

Our team will work with you in the near future, starting with the shipment of the products and after delivery.

Our innovative and well-experienced professional team works closely with customers to meet their needs and to ensure that they meet the expectations of end products and to help them achieve the best value in return.

The customer-centric approach helps us to improve in the future, and continuing to introduce new innovative products sets us apart from others.


“To be a leading, leading and respectable company in the world.”


What do we understand from being a World Company?

  • In any part of the world;
  • Marketing, Sales and Production;
  • Customer focused;
  • Employees who use the appropriate motivation resources,
  • Reasonable Capital Income for Shareholders, Value Added Services for Society;
  • Around and Insane Respectful,
  • Cooperation with Mutual Interests
  • It is a company that has not seen what it is going to happen tomorrow.

Our mission

It is to be a company that gives importance to human health at the maximum level, produces products with the best quality to meet the needs and demands of our customers, keeps the preliminary plan for competitive, unlimited customer satisfaction and constantly develops itself.