ACCASCUP produces a series of disposable cups for beverages, including basic level biodegradable disposable coffee cups at work.

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Special Printed Cup

Special printed paper cups are an ideal way to communicate with your customers, strengthen your messaging and maximize brand recognition. With our 4-color paper-cup printing technology, you can get your personalized message using branded paper cups in even more exciting and innovative forms of consumerism.

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Standard Printed Cup

We all have a busy life. However, there is always time for your favorite hot drink even when on the move. We combine high-performance insulation technology that meets your needs with elegant designs to produce a wide range of premium paper cups.

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Cardboard Cup Covers

ACCASCUP paper cup lids are secure, grip tight and are ideal for drinks while on the go. Our unique technology provides exceptional sealing resistance, while drinks remain warm for longer. Paper cup covers are easy to remove in a practical way and an elegant and simple design is available for hot and cold glasses.

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