Human Resources


As ACCASCUP, we know that success is human.

In order for Group companies to achieve a harmonious, effective, competitive structure and to be in constant development, it is our most basic Human Resources approach to work with them to create and implement the Human Resources Policies necessary to mobilize the company’s accumulation and power.

For this;
The creation of systems and talent pools that will enable our employees to benefit from their company goals by uncovering their talents,
Creating a culture that is proud of and is proud to be a part of this company, connected to the institution, outside the working environment. The ways to your career goal pass from ACCASCUP.

In the course of career planning, Group companies are supported with the career goals of each of our employees who are willing to succeed, demonstrate their performance and believe they can take on more responsibility.
The ACCAS Group includes trainings, in-house appointments and intra-group rotations for the competencies that our employees need to be promoted primarily for their career support.



Our most valuable resource: HUMAN; is a company preferred by those who want to work in the long term and family warmth, with the social, healthy and modern working environment provided by its management cadres at every level to its employees. You fill in the human resources form to join my family.