Frequently Asked Questions


Yes, of course. We can print your logo on almost any product.

2. What do I do when I want to print my own logos?

Please send us your logon or glass design if you have the original vector file. It will only cost the template for printing.

3. How many different cups can I buy?

We can supply 4oz, 6,5oz, 7oz, 80z, 12oz, 14oz, 16oz paper cups. At the same time we can offer different sizes and shapes. Please contact us for further information.

4. What is the GSM / Thickness of the Paper Cardboard Used to Make Glasses?

GSM varies between 185 and 300 GSM Cup and depends on the size of your ride. Depending on what you need, you have the option of selecting GSM / Thickness.

5. Is There a Limit on the Number of Colors to be Printed on Glasses?

It’s up to you to choose as many as four colors.

6. Is color packaging harmful? Is It Safe To Put Food Inside?

Paper packages are manufactured using certified materials that are non-harmful and dedicated to food packaging production. In addition, an additional varnish coat is applied to the product.

7. How long does it take to process the order?

The various factors affecting the final print are Special Prints, Order Volume, Glass Type, Business Plan. General Printed and Straight Cups are usually produced and shipped within 3-4 days. For Custom Print orders, the order delivery dates are confirmed.

8. Can you send it to Turkey?

Yes, we offer almost everywhere in Turkey with an affordable transportation model.

9. What is the Minimum Order Quantity for Special Printing?

We accept even 30,000 coupons for special print orders. However, it is recommended that you place more quantities in order to reduce the printing cost and therefore the product cost. Please contact us for a quick response.

10. Why Minimum Quantity for Custom Printed Orders?

With special printing, take a few hundred meters of paper and equate to at least 5,000 cups of wasted paper because the printing process is water-based, as the printing plates (each color requires a tray), ready to start (printed job start) so we can make the amount higher to lower the cost.